Dealing with Treatment

There was another decision I had to make at this time. Whether or not to take Tomoxifen. You see, twenty-five years ago the research had only been done pertaining to post menopausal women. Doctors weren’t really sure how it would affect me other than that it would put me into immediate menopause at 34. I chose not to take it. Would I choose differently if I knew what lay ahead? I honestly don’t know. I try not to look backwards, only forwards.

At this point, I would like to point out that there was very little information available for young women with Breast Cancer. The doctors didn’t really know what to tell me about my future and there were very few resources for me at that time. I once went to a support group where I was definitely the youngest woman in the room by at least 30 years. They were all very nice and naturally they were concerned with dealing with their cancer treatments. Well, I was concerned also but treatment was just a small fragment of my day. I never went back. I felt at the time that there wasn’t really a place for me in the Breast Cancer Community, a home so to speak. I often felt alone and isolated.

Well , after six weeks of daily radiation, I am done with treatment. It takes me a good 4 months until my energy returns and I begin to feel like myself again. I am healed and can go on with the rest of my life, or so I think. And I was good for 24 years. You know, you never forget but as the years move on the cancer eventually ceases to be in the forefront of your mind. There were actually days and even weeks that I didn’t think about Breast Cancer! Every once in awhile someone would ask me how I was feeling, usually with a nod to my chest, and I would sometimes think “Why are they asking me that?” before it would all come crashing back.

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