Be Your Own Advocate

So I found out that everything that I had been doing for a bladder infection was completely wrong for ICS. For example, in an effort to build up my immune system I would make a green smoothie in the morning with spinach, yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. I then would often have a spinach salad for lunch and then fruit and yogurt
for a snack. Then protein and usually another green veggie for dinner. It sounds really healthy right? But spinach has isolates, yogurt is fermented and very often has artificial sweeteners, and most fruits are too acidic. So everything that I was doing feel better was making me feel worse!

Once I had the correct information, I changed my diet to a very bland diet and gave up all irritants like caffeine, chocolate, wine, most green veggies, most fruit and yogurt. What did I eat you might ask? Not much, but gradually the pain subsided and I began to feel better. ICS is a chronic condition but if I’m careful with what I eat and drink I have managed to keep it under control. Dr. Greenberg also recommended 2 OTC products that I have found invaluable. One is Prelief and you can find it in the antacid aisle. The other is Cytex Plus which is with women’s urinary health products.

I share this ICS story with you for 2 reasons. First if you have the same experience, you will know what it is, how to find out about it and some relief. Hopefully you won’t have to suffer with it for months like I did. Secondly, I can’t stress this enough. You have got to be your own advocate and if you aren’t strong enough find someone (family member or close friend) who will advocate for you. Do your research and keep asking questions. You might not always like the answers but any medical personnel worth their salt would much rather work with a well informed patient. It actually makes their job easier. If your Doctor doesn’t welcome questions, it is time to get a new doctor.

You’ll notice that I used the term “work with” in the previous paragraph. Don’t ever forget that this is your body, your disease and your life!

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