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Be Your Own Advocate

So I found out that everything that I had been doing for a bladder infection was completely wrong for ICS. For example, in an effort to build up my immune system I would make a green smoothie in the morning with spinach, yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. I then would often have a spinach salad for lunch and then fruit and yogurt for a snack. Then protein and usually another green veggie for dinner. It sounds really healthy right? But spinach

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Do Your Research

At this point, I would like to share with you that 3 months before my diagnosis my family experienced devastating tragedy. I won’t go into details, but it was profound and life changing. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I was completely depleted and had nothing left my tank as they say. So that was my status going into surgery and radiation. The fatigue hit me in my third week. Now I remember the fatigue from 25 years earlier, but

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The New “Star Wars” World of Treatment

When I returned to see my doctor the following week, it was a good news – bad news scenario. The good news was that the cancer was ductile (not invasive as the last time) and it was early stage, so I did not need to have any lymph nodes removed. The bad news was that it was fast growing. It already was the size of a golf ball and much deeper into my breast. My surgeon called it “Of significant

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Round Two

I am so thankful for those 24 healthy years. I am grateful to my doctors, nurses, researchers and God. Whoever played a part in my successful outcome. I had 24 years to watch my boys grow into wonderful men. I had 24 years with the love of my life and best friend, my husband Jack. The whole experience brought us closer together, to appreciate each day together and to never take anything for granted. People have often commented on how

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Dealing with Treatment

There was another decision I had to make at this time. Whether or not to take Tomoxifen. You see, twenty-five years ago the research had only been done pertaining to post menopausal women. Doctors weren’t really sure how it would affect me other than that it would put me into immediate menopause at 34. I chose not to take it. Would I choose differently if I knew what lay ahead? I honestly don’t know. I try not to look backwards,

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Cancer! Me?

Two weeks later I went back to my surgeons office to have my drain removed. Dr Alexander had round, pink face and kind eyes. As I was getting ready to leave the office, he suddenly said to me “Look, if I can get your results from pathology today, would you want to find out?” Would I? Of course. He went into his office, closed the door and phoned the pathologist’s office. I could hear him speaking but could not make

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Just Another Normal Day (or so I Thought!)

First, I am not a Doctor or nurse. Anything that I write about is something that I personally experienced or found helpful (or not so helpful ) to me. Nor am I a writer. This is my story in my own voice. Okay let’s get started, Wednesday, February 18, 2014 Today started out as any other normal day. God, how many bad novels start this way? Anyway it was not just a normal day because I am having my yearly

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Rays of Hope Walk

These pictures are from the Rays of Hope Walk last year. I have walked every year but last year we formed our own team and named it Circle of Angels. My goal was to have at least 10 people join and raise $1000. I am thrilled to say that on the day of the Walk we not only raised almost $5000 but we had 35 people on our team! And in case you are wondering. Yes we are all wearing

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My Circle of Angels

This a picture that was taken in 2011 at a fundraiser the Rays of Hope. It was called Dance for a Cure and we raised over $4,000 and had a great time in the process. This was my committee whom without I it never would have happened. My Angels. It was held to celebrate my 20th anniversary of being cancer free. Who knew what was to soon follow.

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